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Deric Flores

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Kids' Muay Thai, Beginner Adult Muay Thai Coach

Training with Deric:

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Although Deric wrestled in high school (and played soccer and ran track), he considers his real entrance into MMA and combat sports when he began training Muay Thai at the age of 16 with Bob Karmel and Sunshine Fettkether. With a newfound love for combat sports, Deric eventually amassed a 4-1 Muay Thai record and a 3-1 amateur boxing record, which culminated with a silver medal at the Austin 2015 Golden Gloves tournament. From there, Deric set his sights on MMA, and began training more submission grappling and gi BJJ. As an amateur MMA fighter, Deric has fought six times, compiling a 4-2 record—two of those wins earned the Muay Thai specialist submission of the night, showcasing his new skills in the grappling arts. Deric has set a goal to fight a couple more amateur fights in both MMA and Muay Thai, and then turn pro.  

Bio and Career Highlights:

“Muay Thai is an art of basics. If you don’t have the fundamentals down, you will be exposed very quickly, which is why I always start each class with jumping rope followed by shadowboxing and footwork drills. By having each person shadow box, it gives me the time to see exactly what areas of improvement need to take place as well as what strengths each fighter has. In my kid’s classes, I like to have the kids partner up for drilling exercises, and I will usually have the older kids partner with the younger ones—that helps the younger kids get better technique, and it helps the older kids by teaching others. In my adult beginner and competition classes, I like to work a lot of head movement drills and angles as well as sweeps/trips and the clinch, which I feel is a very underutilized area of Muay Thai at the local level.
Sparring is important for both the adults and kids, which we do regularly (lightly for non-competitors), but the kids just strike to the body, and aren’t allowed to strike to the head.”

What Deric Says About His Group Classes:

What Deric Says About His One-On-One Training:

“Training with someone individually will vary by the goals of the student, but I like to mix sprints and weight training into the technical striking work. I always feel that running and lifting will, not only help people change their bodies, but will help them become a better overall striker, too.
The thing I love most about private training is having the influence to help people change their lives. I’ve had people gain 20lb of lean muscle/weight and I’ve had people lose over 80lb while working with me. Seeing them become better strikers is good, but seeing them become so much happier with themselves and their new bodies is just fantastic!”

Life Outside of the Gym:

“When I’m not in the gym I’m still a kid at heart. I love to skateboard as much as possible, and I have been boarding for as long as I can remember. I also enjoy chess and other games of strategy and reading. Last, and definitely most, I have a 5-year-old daughter, who I’ll give as much time to as she’s willing to take!"

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